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“People are my crack!” – Interview with Urvi Bhandari

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“People are my crack!” – Interview with Urvi Bhandari

Hey everyone, I hope you had a nice and gentle start into 2016!

I am happy to introduce an other inspirational soul from the technology world to you today. Urvi Bhandari and I first met at MLOVE a few years ago and spend some more quality time together at a gathering of entrepreneurs in Sicily last year, called Mindset Camp. Urvi Bhandari is passionate about changing the paradigm of how we live, work and play by connecting people, places and projects across the world. She has also been an early supporter of THE DIGNIFIED SELF.

In this podcast interview Urvi speaks about mindfulness, dignity, her experience at the digital detox camp Camp Grounded and the future of work. She also shares with us why she feels our initiative around THE DIGNIFIED SELF is important.

Urvi calls herself a connector and a nomad.

“The curiosity of continuing to learn what is out there makes me a nomad.“ (Urvi Bhandari) 

Below you can find an overview of time and content information for this interview. However, I highly recommend to listen to the whole 35 minutes and enjoy some virtual time with charming and smart Urvi. :-)

Urvi is not practicing Yoga or meditation. Nevertheless she says: 

„Mindfulness is a big part of my life.“ (Urvi Bhandari) 

Check out her take on mindfulness. Urvi also shares a great question with us she once came across and has been asking herself regularly ever since. So listen for yourself…

Foto credit: Urvi – Thomas Garza Photography HS

Time & Content overview for podcast interview with Urvi Bhandari

1:30     Introduction of Urvi 

  • Corporate world versus different concepts of life

04:30  About the will to learn and bravery

06:30  Urvi on freedom of thought

08:00  On technology, mindfulness and relationships

Digital Detox

08:45  Urvi tells us about her experience in a digital detox camp 

„I needed to get away from technology….I did not miss not having my phone. I did not tell the whole world that I was doing this…every 6 months or so I just get away from my technology.” (Urvi Bhandari)

            Day to day basis: „Mindfulness is a big part of my life.“  (Urvi Bhandari) 

13:16   mindfulness practices to hear your inner voice besides technologically?

Urvi tells us about a very powerful question she came across some day:

What is your crack? What is your drug?
What is it that you crave every single day?

Urvi answers: „People are my crack.“

Urvi is very mindful of people and creative persuits.

Another great and humorous quote from this interview is the following:
“I have been eating outside for 10 years. I think it is time to start eating my own food.“

About The Dignified Self and what Urvi motivates to support our mission

17:20  Urvi shares with us why she feels our mission around The Dignified Self is important to support 

“You give people a starting point to think about themselves…it makes people think.“ (Urvi Bhandari) 

21:00  Big data has all the answers? Big data is not everything. 

„The Dignified Self is one of the components to put all pieces together.“ (Urvi Bhandari) 

About Dignity

22:45 What does dignity mean to you?

“Dignity is a sense of pride in oneself and self respect.” (Urvi Bhandari) 

Urvi says, when she thinks of dignity she somehow thinks of kings and queens.

“I learned to own myself. Dignity for me means to own myself.” 

Future of work

27:20 on the future of work and how the corporate world should position

Urvi explains that part of scale is process. 

„We don’t use the word work-life-balance – we combine the two. There is no balance. There is just life.“

Urvi further explains that the human aspect may come back into corporations, which got a bit lost with technology. 

On what The Dignified Self should deliver for companies 

32:35 What should The Dignified Self deliver for the future of work? 

-> Self introspection. 

-> Helping people plant seeds of ideas.

-> Help to find out “Who you are. Why you are what you are doing.”

-> Support companies’ understanding how to bring the human aspect back into work.

The business part should happen in conversation. We can have a fun conversation while we are having a business conversation. Trust is very important.

“The more people understand themselves the more they will start to trust other people.”


About Urvi Bhandari

Urvi Bhandari is passionate about changing the paradigm of how we live, work and play by connecting people, places and projects across the world. She is a transformational leader, connecting four key pillars, through her network and global experience. Corporation (Scale & Market) + Startup (Speed & Innovation) + Capital + Global Thought Leaders = Collaboration of our Expansive Future. This community collaborates and generates innovation that will expand the experiences of people’s lives. For further info on Urvi, please download her vita here.

Digital Detox Camp Urvi talked about:

About our podcast interviews

As the founder of The Dignified Self I believe in the relevance of mindfulness in the technology age. Also I believe in the power of the voice and that we can learn from every single one, who has a message and is willing to share it. Our podcast series regularly introduces inspirational people from the mindfulness or the technology scene – or somewhere in between. We speak about mindfulness, technology, digital transformation, human connection, leadership, values and dignity and the future of work. Our interviews will soon be launched on the app store as podcasts. Currently you can still listen to them on soundcloud or on our website in the Audio posts.

Here are the English and German playlists of the interviews that have been published so far..more coming soon. I hope you enjoy it!

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If you are interested in speaking with us within the podcast series, write a blog post on your take of mindfulness and technology or just want to get involved somehow, please reach out to us at or connect with us on facebook or twitter – Thank you!

Until then stay tuned, enjoy and stay DIGNIFIED!