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"It's a skill to be still" - start practicing today

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Technology is here to help us - not to control us.

Uncertainty and tension are everyday life in companies under the pressure of digital transformation today . Employees and executives are increasingly suffering from the demands of constant accessibility and acceleration.

But always-on does not mean always-react. 

Every extreme trend has an anti trend. The following counterparts are more and more demanded by people. 

  • Noise of everyday life | Stillness
  • Increasing acceleration | Peace
  • Constant change | stability
  • Information overload and distraction | focus
  • Artificial intelligence and Automation | creativity and personalization
  • Robotics & Bots | humanity and empathy
  • Fear of Missing Out (FoMo) | Joy of Missing Out (JoMo)
  • Always-On calls | “Always-Omm” – how we call it



Here is an interview with Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag on Mindfulness in the Digital Age by BildungsTV at the DIDACTA digital Austria, 2019. Interview is held in German.

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Hit your target with Mindfulness & Agility

As described in our About section, THE DIGNIFIED SELF® understands itself as a one-stop-shop for knowledge transfer in the areas of mindfulness & agility.

TDS offers companies and organizations different service options to display the importance of mindfulness and agility in our constantly changing time.

As the TDS initiator Lilian has been working in the digital space for more than 15 years, we place high emphasis on the fact that technology is never banished from the lives of our participants, it is an integral past. This comes with a high responsibility and urgent need for more consciousness – with our technology as well as with ourselves.

Below you can find the formats offered to cultivate mindfulness and agility – each of them will be individually customized according to your needs:

the dignified self


Would you like to open your next event with a critical exchange on constant times and how digital transformation effects us people? How about a mindfulness icebreaker or workshop for people to connect?

the dignified self


How about discussing the topic of Mindfulness and Agility in digital times with your management board in a panel? We are happy to support you with a concept and in igniting the conversation with relevant questions and actions to take in order to cultivate mindfulness and agile working methodologies in your corporation.

the dignified selfDIGNIFIED TALK & KEYNOTES

Book a talk or keynote presentation by author and founder Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag on the hot topics of mindfulness and agility in the technology age. Please see Keynotes for further information and keynote topics.

the dignified self


Want to go deeper and learn about the two key competencies needed to master the digital transformation: mindfulness and agility? Then take a look at the MINDFUL AGILITY Training program.


Some effects of regular mindfulness practice

  • More satisfaction (also in teams)
  • More energy
  • Better handling of stress
  • More efficiency through focusing
  • More creativity
  • Higher resilience and emotional stability
  • More empathy
  • Higher feeling of gratitude and happiness

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