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Get on the path from 'MIND FULL' to 'MINDFUL'

- from 'Always-ON' to 'Always-OMM' -

Content Area

Mindfulness - Agility - Digital Transformation - Change Management

In addition to the advisory services to successfully position organizations in times of digital transformation, the speeches and keynotes of author and digital strategist Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag are primarily about the people, which should in her opinion always be in the center of technology.

Following her credo “Do not forget to be human among all the machines,” the talks are modern and contemporary, conveying tangible impulses, personal stories and word creations, as from “always-on to always-omm.” in order to successfully integrate mindfulness and agility into our everyday lives.

Of course, over 15 years of practical experience for international corporations in the field of digitization, marketing, as well as profound knowledge in change management and SCRUM will be included. The goal here is to provide the customers and listeners with tools that ensure that they do not lose themselves in the digital cosmos and constant overload of information, but to consciously use technology wisely and act mindfully.

  • Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag is being represented as a keynote speaker by the London Speaker Bureau. Further info and booking contact here.

  • Download the Vita of Lilian here

Extract of keynote and speaking topics

  • Mindfulness & Agility – two partners in crime and how to apply them?
  • Digital Transformation: How to master “the new now”? Organizationally and individually.
  • The path from “Always-On to Always-Omm” –  why is mindfulness relevant today in the age of distraction and in constant change?
  • Mindful Use of Technology
  • Digital Detox Yes/No?! Mindfulness Apps and more.
  • Mindful Leadership
  • The 7 Layers of Mindfulness – How to practice mindfulness? What is your recipe?
  • Change Management – Emotional Stages and Preparation
  • Mindfulness and agility at work – the reason-why
  • Agile Work – How to get started
  • Robotics vs. Humanity: How will Artificial Intelligence effect society and how can we prepare?
  • Mindful Education: Mindfulness in digital education for kids and teenagers?
  • Mindful Parenting/Birth: Mindfulness in Families, with Children and during pregnancy

Video from Didacta Digital, Austria 2019 (German talk):


Extract of references

References include keynote speeches in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain and Austria at trade fairs as well as for leading companies. Here is an excerpt:

Keynote at Postbank Hackathon Roadshow (talk in German):



Testimonials - extract

  • “Lilian’s keynote about” mindfulness in digital times “was a great pleasure to experience. A topic, which is often seen as “esoteric “, was conveyed in a very contemporary and passionate way.  The audience was very beautifully involved. Lilian did not force anything on the people, but spoke from her own perspective and own experiences, which I liked a lot! ” – Detox Rebels
  • “Everyone talks about digitization, but where is the human being?” Lilian carefully describes how one can deal with it, noting that she brings in her own experiences and knows exactly what she is talking about. She emotionally touches the subject of technology as digitization is ultimately a very human topic “. – Michael Moser, Managing Director Shanghai.Berlin
  • “Her extremely sympathetic and charismatic way of presenting, the exciting contents of her book and last but not least her vocal performance as part of a short meditation exercise she included, made her presentation a surprising and inspiring event.” – Management, Tennis Club Blau-Weiß, Berlin
  • “With her friendly and open manner, Lilian has managed in no time to inspire our coworking community with the topic of mindfulness and to really make them think. We have often recommended her valuable book”. – Sandra Runge, author and founder Co-working Toddler

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