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From 'Always-ON' to 'Always-OMM'

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Mindfulness - Digital Wellbeing - Mindful Agility

Pop-ups, video calls, chats and live tickers – with all the notifications on multiple channels, more and more people find it difficult to stay focused.

Home office – all well and good. But didn’t that actually additionally increase our screen time? Especially in a time in which we have already been “always-on” before!?

Is it still possible to actually be digital and always on top of things – and at the same time to stay focused and be careful with ourselves? Especially when things are accelerating every day and when our world is in constant change? – Yes it is.

THE DIGNIFIED SELF® – founded by Mindfulness Author & Digital Expert Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag– supports individuals and companies in finding this balance of digital wellbeing.

In addition to the advisory services to successfully position organizations in times of digital transformation, the speeches and keynotes of Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag are primarily about the people, which should in her opinion always be in the center of technology.

Following her credo “Do not forget to be human among all the machines,”  Lilian’s talks are modern and contemporary, conveying tangible impulses, personal stories and word creations, as from “always-on to always-omm” in order to successfully integrate mindfulness and agility into our everyday lives.

Of course, over 15 years of practical experience for international corporations in the field of digitization, as well as profound knowledge in mindfulness, change management and the agile framework SCRUM will be included. The goal is to add the highest possible value.

  • Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag is being represented as a keynote speaker by the London Speaker Bureau. Further info and booking contact here.
  • Download the full Vita of Lilian here
  • Download to short Vita of Lilian in German and English ShortVita_LilianGüntscheHilgendag.
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Extract of keynote and speaking topics (online and offline sessions)

  • MINDFUL AGILITY – Mindfulness & Agility for more resilience in current times
  • DIGITAL WELLBEING – from Always-On to “Always-Omm”
  • MINDFUL LUNCH – Introduction into mindful eating to reduce stress
  • DIGNIFIED SELF – authenticity in the modern age
  • MINDFUL LEADERSHIP: How to lead with empathy
  • NEW WORK: How to master the NOW
  • DIGITAL DETOX: Mindful use of technology
  • FOCUS BOOST:  7 Layers of Mindfulness -to apply every day
  • MINDFUL FORCE: What Yoda would say
  • DIGNIFIED CHILDREN: Mindful use of tech for kids & teens
  • MINDFUL PARENTING: Mindfulness in Families, with Children and during pregnancy
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT – Emotional Stages and Preparation

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Extract of references

References include keynote speeches in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain and Austria at trade fairs as well as for leading companies. Here is an excerpt:

Keynote at Postbank Hackathon Roadshow (talk in German):



Testimonials on collaborations with Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag

  • “Mrs. Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag knows how to present all the pitfalls of digital media usage with great humor and charisma in a customized and very realistic manner. Her empathic nature is inviting and captivating. Her talk about „From Always-on to Always-Omm“ was a truly entertaining excursion into the world of mindfulness practice peppered with excellently researched studies. All in all, a successful hour of great input.“ –  Anke Bechstein-Röse (Deutsche Bundesbank – Management & Team Coaching)
  • Lilian’s keynote about” mindfulness in digital times“ was a great pleasure to experience. A topic, which is often seen as “esoteric “, was conveyed in a very contemporary and passionate way. The audience was very beautifully involved. Lilian did not force anything on the people, but spoke from her own perspective and experiences, which I really enjoyed! – Martin Bressem (Detox Rebels GmbH – Founder )
  • “Lilian has continuously inspired our team. She is an outstandingly positive person. Not only is she an expert in staying focused in challenging times, she is also a great strategic thinker with a strong can-do mentality. Lilian is passionate and always up-to-date on all things digital with excellent communication skills. We truly enjoy working with her for several years now in various roles and projects.“ – Nancy Sippach (Coca-Cola European Partners – Sr. Manager IT Business Partner Digital Shopper Marketing)
  • “Everyone is talking about digitization, but where are the people in all of this? Lilian describes how we can mindfully deal with our technology dominated times. She is bringing in her own experiences and knows exactly what she is talking about. She is touched by the topic emotionally and you can feel that she writes and talks from her heart. That’s what is needed, as after all, digitization is a very human topic.“ – Michael Moser (Shanghai.Berlin GmbH – CEO )
  • The sympathetic and charismatic nature of Lilian Güntsche’s presentation, the great content from her mindfulness book and, last but not least, a spontaneous singing performance as part of a short meditation exercise made this an exciting and truly inspiring event. – TC Blau-Weiß – Management Board
  • “Lilian is a digital expert with a highly motivating get-it-done mentality. She is passionate about everything she does and a major asset to any company. I’d recommend her any time.“ – Axel Neuhaus (Volkswagen Vertrieb Deutschland – Head of Digital Marketing)
  • “Lilian not only brings forth a flourishing career as a digital strategist, artist and entrepreneur, but also a genuine understanding of the importance of humanising society with values and practices. Insights that will improve everyone from within for the highest benefit of the outside world. With her book, Lilian has accomplished this with thoughtfulness, kindness and a great positive attitude.“ – Inma Martinzed (Digital AI Pioneer, Tech Author & Government Advisor)
  • “With her friendly and open-minded personality, Lilian managed to inspire our coworking community instantly about the subject of mindfulness and stimulated thought explosions. We have recommended her and her valuable book many times.“ – Sandra Runge (Book Author & Founder of Coworking Toddler)

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