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from the book "Mindfulness in digital times" by Lilian Güntsche

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Book: “MINDFULNESS IN DIGITAL TIMES" by Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag

“A must-read about humanity in a digitally dominated time, a plea for authenticity within rising anonymity and a convincing instruction to more peace in the acceleration. Despite the noise, with this book you will learn to hear you inner voice again and arrive within”. – Springer 

A non-fiction book with a personal note that combines storytelling with concrete tips to implement in everyday’s life. Lilian addresses companies as well as individuals and discusses important technology and humanity trends that even more explain the high relevance of a sharpened consciousness today. 

What it covers:

  • Pragmatic tips and exercises help to live mindful and create a more conscious and calm way of life in over-connected and always accelerating times
  • Inspiring interviews with respected thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business managers and mindfulness experts motivate to design and walk the individual path of mindfulness
  • Very personal and delightfully fresh perspective on our digitally accelerated daily life and its effects

The book was launched in November 2016 in Germany by Springer publishing as hard cover and e-book in German language. 

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An EXCLUSIVE unpublished chapter in English language
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Please find a Video interview with the author Lilian on mindfulness in the technology age and why it matters below.

Participants & Supporters

An introduction by Daniel Augsten and Interviews with respected entrepreneurs,  thought leaders, decision makers, business managers and mindfulness experts deliver additional highly interesting insights on the many different ways to practice mindfulness and how it can be successfully implemented.

Interviews with Karina LeuteJonathan MacDonaldInmaculada MartinezStefanie PalominoHeike ScholzGabriela SeirHumberto SchwabAnja Nothelfer and Rudy de Waele can be found within the book.

Please note that half of the interviews in the book are in English language, half in German.

You can read an extract of the interview with Inmaculada Martinez here in our blog post.


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Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag, Author & Founder THE DIGNIFIED SELF® - Foto: Karen Bergh Photography, ZA


The following testimonials have been taken from Amazon and have been translated from German into English language.

“Anyone who is often stressed out in everyday life, dissatisfied with the job and often overwhelmed with today’s digital media should definitely read this book.”

“This book has really given me something I’ve been looking for a long time – Conscious Mindfulness!”

“Illustrative, good little phrases, beautiful metaphors (as you know, our brain stores in pictures) and lots of well-prepared information! Highly recommended! ”

“The book inspires and gives very professional insights into the possibilities – in today’s fast-paced society – to use mindfulness and meditation. A real added value for everyone! “

“I am very fond of the non-fiction book, even the chapter headings are very modern and humorous to summarize their subsequent content, for example,” From Selfie to Self “or “Mindfulness Update installed “.

“Lilian Güntsche has managed to write a meaningful, entertaining and very entertaining book. An integral part of my desk. A mindfulness bible in today’s fast paced, success-spoiled world. And not only for esoteric people, quite the contrary. ”

“The book and the philosophy behind it should become an integral part of our daily lives! ”

“This book introduces an entirely new, unique angle of the highly relevant topic of mindfulness. The author, a confident metropolitan and mindful workaholic with creative hobbies herself, shares her own individual story in this book, accompanied with inspiring interviews and tangible, hand-tight tools to get to more efficiency, success, health and happiness.” 

Further testimonials here.



Preview on the Content of the book

Working successfully, being always-on and handling yourself with care at the same time - is that even possible? Yes, it is!

  • Why and how mindfulness can (and must) be combined with a passionate work spirit of a “mindful workaholic”
  • How to stay calm in times of acceleration
  • How to stay focussed in times of information overload
  • How to find a good balance between virtual and real life
  • How to become healthier, more successful and happier with mindfulness practices

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