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Mission Statement

  • THE DIGNIFIED SELF® stands for mindfulness in the technology age. It understands itself as a movement for more humanity in a technology dominated world, for a source of inspiration and creativity in the robotic age and for peace in an accelerated world.
  • TDS is a one-stop shop for knowledge transfer, exercises and inspiration around mindfulness and agility in the digital transformation.
  • TDS offers Keynotes and professional talks around Mindfulness and Agility by initiator Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag and provides several Business Services, such as the MINDFUL AGILITY training program.
  • Also THE DIGNIFIED SELF® delivers inspiration via blog posts and an exchange of like minded people at events, in social media channels and through the publishing of books.

THE DIGNIFIED SELF® (TDS) is a registered trademark and global initiative founded in 2015 to cultivate mindfulness in the technology age, mainly focussing on the business world. TDS is honored to already have been named in leading media publications such as Huffington Post, Harvard Business Manager, Manager Magazin and many more.

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The initiator

Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag is the initiator and CEO of THE DIGNIFIED SELF®.

Being a “mobile lady” of the first hour, Lilian feels her purpose is to not only help companies with mastering the digital transformation, but to also support individuals to get along successfully and happy in the “always-on” world we have created and are experiencing today. With her initiative THE DIGNIFIED SELF® she want to stimulate rethinking and foster a transformation that puts people at the center of technology, while at the same time the opportunities offered by digitization are used wisely.

After initially starting her professional career in the media industry at Bertelsmann company, Lilian has been working for over a decade in the digital business – on all sides of the industry. She has been successfully managing her own company Güntsche Concepts  since 2011, supporting leading companies, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Axel Springer in the areas of digital strategy, agile project management, innovation and marketing.

Additionally, Lilian is engaged as a keynote speaker and published book author on the topic of mindfulness in digital times (book published by Springer in 2016 ) and gives lectures in the fields of change and project management at the University of Applied Sciences, Europe .

Personally, Lilian has started to practice mindfulness more than 10 years ago and has been taught with personal experience as well as multiple mindfulness and meditation trainings and retreats ever since. Furthermore, Lilian has completed a mindfulness basic trainer education at Arbor Seminars.

For her, mindfulness is her optimal formula to create peace in the accelerated world – as she describes in her book. Lilian furthermore believes in the “7 layers of mindfulness” which she coaches in her MINDFUL AGILITY training program and includes in her keynote speeches.

Lilian is passionate about singing, Yoga, meditation and travelling. She lives in Berlin with her husband and son.


Download Lilian’s Vita here: VITA_LilianGüntscheHilgendag_DE_EN

Keynote-Speaker Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag at IFA 2018, Microsoft Booth




THE DIGNIFIED SELF® delivers a strong network and various cooperation partners in the technology, media, information, healthcare and mindfulness environment.

Also TDS is honored to work with the following people as a constant team.



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