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An initiative for more mindfulness in the technology age

“Do not forget to stay human among all the machines”.
– Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag, Founder of THE DIGNIFIED SELF® 

THE DIGNIFIED SELF@ – short TDS – is an initiative for more humanity and empathy in a world that has been mainly dominated by technology, data and machines. In times of increasing information and constant change, THE DIGNIFIED SELF® is a source of inspiration for mindfulness methodologies combined with agile principles.



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What we do


Keynotes  – Trainings – Readings – Workshops – Inspiration

THE DIGNIFIED SELF® is a one-stop-shop for knowledge transfer in the areas of mindfulness and agility. We offer keynotes and various formats to cultivate mindfulness and agility in business in our constantly changing and increasingly digital times.

We are happy to assist in establishing new rituals in order to move from a mind full, often less focused state to a conscious, mindful and “DIGNIFIED SELF”.

Our service portfolio

MINDFUL AGILITY - Our training approach

Hit your goal with mindfulness & agility

Two of the most important skills in times of constant change are adaptability – keyword: agility – and the ability to not “get lost” in the sensory overload of constantly new information – keyword: focus.

The MINDFUL AGILITY training approach provides knowledge to strengthen these two skills. To master the digital transformation from a people perspective, individuals and teams require emotional stability and inner peace, which is cultivated by mindfulness methodologies.

The Training approach “MINDFUL AGILITY” is built to strengthen your mindset with mindfulness and agility.

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Book on the topic of mindfulness in digital times

"Mindfulness in digital times" (German title: Achtsamkeit in digitalen Zeiten)

“Mindfulness in digital times – a personal guide to more peace in the accelerated world” by Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag

Working successfully, being always-on and handling yourself with care at the same time – is that even possible? Yes, it is!

  • Why and how mindfulness can (and must) be combined with a passionate work spirit of a “mindful workaholic”
  • How to stay calm in times of acceleration
  • How to stay focussed in times of information overload
  • How to find a good balance between virtual and real life
  • How to become healthier, more successful and happier with mindfulness practices

The book is available in German only – apologies! 


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