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“From Always-On to Always-Omm” – mindfulness for ‘mad minds’

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“From Always-On to Always-Omm” – mindfulness for ‘mad minds’

Lilian Güntsche (CEO/Founder The Dignified Self) at RETHINK ITEM Europe 2016, Photo credits:
Mindfulness Session at a Tech Conference by Lilian Güntsche (CEO/Founder The Dignified Self) at RETHINK ITEM Europe 2016,
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Before I tell you about our upcoming mindfulness session at MAD MINDS, let me just give you a bit of background how this evolved: Imagine mainly CIOs at a tech conference and talks and workshops about cloud computing, data management and agile software development.. And in between all those technology dominated topics one session purely focussed on the human being: From Selfie to Self: How can we secure a human-first approach in digital transformation and what is the role of mindfulness?  That was the setting we were facing last time when I was running a first mindfulness session in London a couple of weeks ago at RETHINK! ITEM Europe 2016 (see blog post). We did not know how a topic of mindfulness would be received at a technology conference… I’m very happy to say: We were overwhelmed by the resonance! I have to admit the RETHINK! organisation team as well as myself were a bit surprised by the high level of involvement and positive feedback to the mindfulness session by the attendees and participants (on the evening as well as afterwards).

Lilian Güntsche (CEO/Founder The Dignified Self) at RETHINK ITEM Europe 2016, Photo credits:
Icebreaker Session on Mindfulness at RETHINK ITEM Europe in London by Lilian Güntsche (CEO/Founder The Dignified Self) 
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The session was mainly interactive. After giving a bit of background, I presented a couple of mindfulness exercises to the participants, which they could experience individually and then share and apply it to their daily business and team management. It was amazing to see how the participants – mainly CIOs –  opened up, engaged in the topic of a mindful life and discussed how mindfulness and their learnings about it on the evening could be applied to daily challenges and support them in the age of information and distraction.

Mindfulness Session by The Dignified Self at RETHINK ITEM Europe 2016 Photo credits:
Mindfulness Session by The Dignified Self at RETHINK ITEM Europe 2016
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The official session was only set for about one hour, but our exchange about mindfulness continued on long into the late evening hours… It was lovely!

Mindfulness Session for CMOs and Digital Marketing Executives in London

After the last positive experience with including mindfulness in a tech conference setting, the RETHINK! team invited me again to run an other mindfulness session at their next event, the MAD MINDS 2016 for digital marketing executives. I am honored to be a speaker at a conference alongside of CMOs and marketing decission makers from Google, Unilever, Nestlé, T-Systems, Siemens and further leading companies. As being a digital marketeer myself, I am especially looking forward to this one and excited to experience this time’s feedback and involvement in our mindfulness session. The title of the Icebreaker Session I will be running at MAD MINDS 2016 for The Dignified Self is as follows:

Mindfulness Session by Lilian Güntsche at MAD MINDS 2016
Mindfulness Session by Lilian Güntsche (CEO/Founder The Dignified Self) at MAD MINDS 2016 in London

„From “Always-On” to “Always-Omm”: Mindfulness is a must-have in digital transformation and user-centered communication.” Learn why many of the most successful leaders practice meditation, connect with your “Dignified Self“ and experience the effects of mindfulness in an interactive evening session in the heart of London.   

The mindfulness session will be held on June 19th at 8 pm at the Millenium Hotel in London Mayfair. See here for further details. So if you are in marketing and always wanted to learn something about mindfulness, this might be a great opportunity for you! Drop by if you can!  Tickets can be received here. Also the conference has an amazing line-up with great speakers. Please see the agenda and the press release below. Also ping me if you would like to join our Icebreaker Session about mindfulness only. Happy to forward your interest to the RETHINK! team for further consideration. Would be great to see you in London next Sunday! Until then…happy Sunday and stay DIGNIFIED, my friends :-) ______________________________________ About MAD MINDS 2016 

MAD-UK_pos_transpThe Rethink! MAD Minds Europe 2016 conference is an international knowledge and project exchange platform, which will bring together more than 150 CMOs and Marketing decision makers to network and to discuss key industry topics.

In 20 best-practice case studies, live sessions and round tables, 35+ speakers and moderators will share their knowledge. Key topics include the consequences of the digital transformation and the new role of the CMO, marketing ROI & innovation strategies, brand management and an omni-channel customer experience.

Here are some of the MAD Minds 2016 speakers who will be presenting their insights this June in London:

  • Golden Krishna, Experience Designer, Google
  • Monika Schulze, Global Head of Marketing, Zurich Insurance Company
  • Mat Braddy, Board Brand Advisor, JustEat
  • Andrea Airoldi, Global Media Director, Unilever
  • Ottokar Rosenberger, CMO, Hostelworld Group
  • Paul Thomas, Head Of Marketing, BT Group
  • Filippo Catalano, Chief Digital Officer, Nestlé
  • Sandeep Sangwan, Marketing Director Europe & Africa, BP Lubricants

Why should you attend?

  • Network with more than 150+ Marketing decision makers and exchange views
  • Learn about new technologies, new practices and trends, as well as emerging standards
  • Hear how others cope with some of your most challenging problems
  • Discuss your ideas and issues with peers from the industry
  • Impress your boss and colleagues with new ideas to improve performance

Download press release: MAD Minds Europe 2016 Delegate Press Release.