The master of change [a poetic thought]

Lilian Güntsche 9. September 2016

Have you ever listened to the wind?
– He tells a story. A story of change.

Everything he touches changes within seconds.
Do you not believe in change and new opportunities?
Then watch the changing contours in the paintings of nature.
Listen to the wind, listen to him consciously.
The wind is the master of change.

An exhalation of the wind and spelled words in the sand disappear.
An exhalation of the wind and the echo of loud voices is silenced.
An exhalation of the wind and playful hair flies through the air check it out.
An exhalation of the wind and new ideas take its course.
An exhalation of the wind and the energy begins to flow.
Everything is in motion.
The wind is the master of change.

Sometimes the wind caresses gently, sometimes he whips our face.
With headwind, it is hard to overcome the wind or to subdue him.
But if supported by tailwind all becomes easy at once.
Sometimes it is like running against a hard wall.
Sometimes one happy coincidence gratefully greets the next one.
Sometimes the wind seems to carry us, almost as if we could fly. He determines the direction.
Everything is in motion.
Because the wind is the master of change.

In each of his breaths and in each gust of wind is a story,
a wisdom, an experience. You just have to listen quietly.
The wind is cold and warm at the same time. He is rough and caressing at once.
He is frightening and encouraging. He is powerful and full of hope.
The wind draws paths that have not yet been drawn.
He writes stories that have not yet been written.

The wind can make yesterday disappear, he can create tomorrow.
Everything in motion. Everything in the now.
The wind is the master of change.


Below is an Instagram video (German language) showing the atmosphere in which these lines have emerged. These thoughts were written in August 2016 in St. Peter Ording on the North Sea after a wonderful weekend with lots of (e)motion and good conversation in Yoga Hotel Kubatzki, together with my sister at heart and entrepreneur friend Chérine De Bruijn from Corporate Kitchen.

And now… listen to the wind! Because the wind is the master of change.

Title photo: Shutterstock


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