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Vacation without social media and networks

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Vacation without social media and networks

One of the most beautiful experiences in my life happened while on a short vacation in the Dolomites in 2010. I had made plans to meet my parents for the long weekend to do some hiking; I was certainly vacation ready. Constant messages on Whatsapp, something always to like on Facebook, and even my private email account was being bombarded with more and more emails. I felt like doing an experiment. How would I do without all the social media and network connections?

The days in northern Italy were the ideal time to try out the experiment.  I wrote all my friends that I wouldn’t be available for 4 days; “So not available, not even on Whatsapp. Right, not even via text.” Wow, I wasn’t expecting so much resistance. So, I left the cell phone in Germany and started my travels without my mobile best friend. What happened then was actually really shocking; I loved my new “quiet” from the very first second and spent 5 wonderful days offline. It was surprising that I didn’t miss it and I experienced a silence that I had never known. At some point, my parents and I had told all our stories over the course of a multiple hour hike and then there was finally time for NOTHING.  No more medial pulses, I didn’t have to wonder that my friends were currently having a huge BBQ in Berlin, or answer multiple Whatsapp messages asking, “what I was currently doing.” And at some point, my thoughts became less. It was as if you were turning off the bubbles in the whirlpool: it’s still bubbling, but then it becomes quiet and peaceful.

Of course, I was excited after 5 quiet days to turn my cell phone back on and I was sure that I had a great time.

The really nice, but strange thing was that I absolutely didn’t miss anything. We just update ourselves in realtime via social media and networks.

Since then every vacation is cell phone free and sometimes I even treat myself to an offline Sunday.

This article has been written by our guest author:  

Franziska Fuchs
Franziska Fuchs

Franziska Fuchs

Expert for communicaton // Berlin-lover // Editor  // Pleasure-seeker // Nature-fan // Business Coach // Crazy about dogs // Mediator // Mindfulness-fan // Meditation-practitioner // Networker // 

Franziska Fuchs lives and works with passion and soul als communication expert in Berlin. Since 2015 she is also active as a business coach and mediator. Franziska loves Berlin, nature and profound and authentic communication. Her motto:  “Communication may be anything: brave, inviting, stimulating, impressive, incredibe, boundless, inviting, intelligent, lively, rousing, exciting, and also polarising.
It just has to be one thing: honest!”