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Time to rate the newest medical apps

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Time to rate the newest medical apps


We are happy to be part of the 4th MEDICA App competition award once again as jury member. It is the biggest Medical App Competition in the world and takes place on November 17th in Düsseldorf. Here are further information about the competition, about the MEDICA fair and the full Programm MEDICA 15 for download.

Why Health Apps?

Smartphones and Tablets can function perfectly for health measurements as they are always around us, always on and usually just one length of an arm away. An important component of health apps is that they focus on the needs of the user and that they deliver a high level of security and are trustworthy with the data collected. Trust is the main thing in the area of health.

A representive study of the international market researcher YouGov has shown that 32 % fear the misuse of digital health data. Still 16% of the people asked, believe that a health app could generally replace their visit at the doctor’s. Esspecially for the measurement of body activity, self diagnosis and stress release health apps are popular. Here you can find the full study from YouGov (German): Wartezimmer Adé 

In February 2015, shortly after the launch of the Apple Health Kit, I published a blog post about health apps and mobile health at mobile zeitgeist. My post also addresses the topic of The Quantified Self – because in many cases of mhealth apps its a lot about becoming transparent and measurable – self knowledge through numbers. Take care what you want to outsource to an external technology or media, though. At the end of the day, its yourself that should probably feel what is right for you. I call this self knowledge by intuition. Here you can find my article on mobile zeitgeist (in German) from the beginning of the year. The Mobile Health MEDICA competition addresses rather the B2B targets and thus mainly solutions for hospitals and doctors and less for end users directly. Excited to see the new trends in mobile healthcare. More soon…