The 1st book: A dream-come-true moment

Lilian Güntsche 12. October 2015

Springer Gabler

Now it is official: Lilian Güntsche (CEO & Founder of THE DIGNIFIED SELF) is currently writing a book! The upcoming book will be published by the leading publisher Springer Gabler, specialized in the area of economics. The book is planned to be published in 2016.

“I am so excited. It is an absolute dream-come-true moment for me! I am really looking forward to writing and to working with such a great publisher like Springer Gabler. I feel deeply blessed and honored. Thank you to everyone who supported me on my journey and still is today! Never stop dreaming and believing. Everything comes to you at exactly the right moment.” (Lilian Güntsche)

The manuscript of the first chapters of upcoming book by Lilian Güntsche

The manuscript of the first chapters