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Everything needs a sound: Here is our Jingle!

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Everything needs a sound: Here is our Jingle!

Yey! THE DIGNIFIED SELF now has a sound. This month the DIGNIFIED Jingle has been recorded and will from now on be used in all our audio posts.I hope you like it! You can also check our Soundcloud profile, if you’d like to listen to some of the recordings & podcast-interviews already published. I wrote and performed the Jingle myself and and it was produced by my friend & music producer Tom Lang (aka Tom Tempi, Soundcloud) in Berlin-Mitte. Check out the Jingle THE DIGNIFIED SELF here.

Why a Jingle?

Singing has always been my passion. It’s one of the most powerful ways for me to hear my inner voice again and to deeply connect with myself. Only with time, I finally came to realize that singing has always been one of the main mindfulness practices for me, that I had included in my life from early on. I believe in the magic of the voice and that it perfectly brings body, mind and soul in line again. As my vocal coach and visionary mentor Kara Johnstad states: Quote Voice Kara Register now to our Newsletter for an other little audio surprise!