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My DIGNIFIED moment in the office

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My DIGNIFIED moment in the office

I love my morning routine; mostly I meditate and enjoy a coffee or freshly pressed juice at home before I start my day. In the past, I was not such a cozy connoisseur in the morning, but instead I would prefer to sleep a half an hour longer. Since I started to consciously implement my morning ritual, I have a much more relaxed workday.

Between all the emails, telephone calls, and meetings, relaxation is so helpful, especially as a Communications Manager. However, sometimes the morning ritual isn’t enough, so I consciously looked for a small DIGNIFIED ritual for the office. I absolutely recommend this tip:

My “5-minute-early-Ritual:”

Before a scheduled meeting, I try to be in the meeting room 5 minutes early. After setting up, there is always time for a few moments to consciously do some deep breathing with eyes closed for 5 – 10 minutes (for those who feel uncomfortable, you can also choose to look at a spot, but away from the door).

Works wonders and can influence the entire meeting process.

This article has been written by our guest author:  

Franziska Fuchs
Franziska Fuchs

Franziska Fuchs

Expert for communicaton // Berlin-lover // Editor  // Pleasure-seeker // Nature-fan // Business Coach // Crazy about dogs // Mediator // Mindfulness-fan // Meditation-practitioner // Networker // 

Franziska Fuchs lives and works with passion and soul als communication expert in Berlin. Since 2015 she is also active as a business coach and mediator. Franziska loves Berlin, nature and profound and authentic communication. Her motto:  “Communication may be anything: brave, inviting, stimulating, impressive, incredibe, boundless, inviting, intelligent, lively, rousing, exciting, and also polarising.
It just has to be one thing: honest!”