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A DIGNIFIED Team moment

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A DIGNIFIED Team moment

Since graduation, I have been working in a large organization. Most of the employees in this organization have a regular working day in which they are pressing down on the keypad, and using their mouse and telephone 8 hours a day.  Tables are constructed, graphs are drawn, and findings are calculated. The work is then saved virtually, sent, or presented before the end of the day. But we don’t really get to see or touch what we actually “accomplished.”

My absolute DIGNIFIED moment was with my former team during a team-building event. Together with the team and children from a Berlin daycare, we built a playground, painted fences, made sandboxes, and grassed plant boxes.

I will never forget the beaming faces of all the team members. Almost everyone gave the same answer when they were asked what made the day so special; “I could finally see and touch what I accomplished. This morning it was still a construction site and now it’s a wonderful playground for children!”

This article has been written by our guest author:  

Franziska Fuchs
Franziska Fuchs

Franziska Fuchs

Expert for communicaton // Berlin-lover // Editor  // Pleasure-seeker // Nature-fan // Business Coach // Crazy about dogs // Mediator // Mindfulness-fan // Meditation-practitioner // Networker // 

Franziska Fuchs lives and works with passion and soul als communication expert in Berlin. Since 2015 she is also active as a business coach and mediator. Franziska loves Berlin, nature and profound and authentic communication. Her motto:  “Communication may be anything: brave, inviting, stimulating, impressive, incredibe, boundless, inviting, intelligent, lively, rousing, exciting, and also polarising.
It just has to be one thing: honest!”