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Where are you on the happiness scale?

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Where are you on the happiness scale?

When I was recently in London, I was having a joyful evening with friends – a mix of different cultures and nationalities. But they all had one thing in common: They were beamingly happy.

One by one – independent of each other – I asked them the same question:

On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you right now? 10 being the maximum.

One after the other replied with 9 or 10 ! I was deeply impressed and felt simultaneously deeply blessed. I was actually surrounded by a source of happiness and positive energy only. What a wonderful realization. Also for me it meant that I, too, could not be far away from these high scale values. Because, as the saying goes:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe!“ – We do not attract what we want. We attract what we are. 

I asked my fortunate friends this evening why exactly they were being so happy. They all replied that they have found a wonderful balance in their lives now and are spending a great evening right now. It was a lot about the current moment they were all fully aware of and living in.

Happy Moment in London @Putney Social Boat Trip
Happy Moment in London
@Putney Social Boat Trip

The group of friends further added that their work and leisure time are in a healthy relationship – at least most of the time – and what they do professionally is truely giving them joy. In addition, most of them were filled with gratitude that they had built their lives in the city of their dreams, in this case London. Personal activities and risks had been taken to get there and that lead to the reward they were now experiencing: the result is happiness – and that feels fantastic.

I for myself wonder every day since then, where I now find myself on the scale of happiness. Sometimes I have moments of 9 or 10, but sometimes I rather feel like a 5 or 6. And that’s ok. Because it’s all essentially about the moments of 9 or 10, and the consciousness of these moments and what causes them. This revelation leads to a consequence of higher frequencies of high happiness scales. At least in my case. This is due to realizing and formulating for myself what actually truely makes me happy and what does not. Try it and you might be surprised how your frequency of high scale happiness numbers increases rapidly. It is great and a powerful little tool to include in your daily routine of selfcare.

Just ask yourself what things and people make your heart sing? In which moments are you really really happy? And which people surround you in that very moment? Are they “9-10 kind of people ” or rather the “2-3 kind of people”?
I once heard that we supposedly are becoming like the 5 people with whom we spend the most time. We should therefore be careful and and aware who these are. Mindfulness is recommended here :-) If mainly rather negative or always stressed people surround you, the stakes are quite high that there is a reason for you attracting them. Maybe that is a good moment to look into the mirror and reflect on yourself.

Today I close my day again with the routine mentioned and ask myself what moments made me happy today. And I remember how beautiful it was to sleep in this morning, I see the Sunday picnic in Prenzlauer Berg in lovely sunshine I was enjoying with my girls, the convertible tour through Berlin, a kind message that I received via WhatsApp, I even remember the moment when I finished my accounting tasks for the last month and the moment when the last documents were filed. This is something that I have detested earlier. Today I enjoy the moment because I’m doing this with my mother nowadays and we combine it with spending time together while sorting things and treating ourselves with a glass of wine at the end. Before, I strongly disliked filing and bookkeeping – today I am happy when the work is done and appreciate the time with my beloved mother. Equally I used to be extremely annoyed by the traffic and long distances in the city of Berlin. Today I drive convertible and enjoy the ride!

Happiness is a decision

If you find yourself repeatedly disturbed by something, then change it or change your attitude towards it. Not everyone must drive a convertible now – although I really highly recommend it – but equally you can make your train ride more enjoyable by reading a nice book while commuting or doing this little happiness scale check. Thus it will be time you devote to yourself and sooner or later the ride on the train all of sudden might become something you are actually looking forward to. Also you can combine your morning workouts with riding by bike to work. And also here you might start feeling happy about the upcoming morning routines.

Realizing that few people actually recognize their luck and that it is important to do so in order to cultivate happiness, was an important lesson for me. And interestingly enough, everything just goes way easier with a smile on my face.

After all, who smiles, also attracts smile. And the best, most productive and most successful manager is often also the Happy Manager! Give it a try.

Do you have any more tips to cultivate happiness? Then please comment or share your own DIGNIFIED MOMENT.

Until then…stay tuned, enjoy and stay DIGNIFIED!

Feeling of happiness by Ben Bickford
Feeling of happiness. Foto by Ben Bickford @MLOVE