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What is luck? And how to cultivate it?

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What is luck? And how to cultivate it?

Have you ever wondered, what luck means to you? Do you know how you can cultivate this feeling of happiness in your life? Lately I have been asking several people what luck means to them and what they would wish for in order to feel happy. I always receive very different reactions. Some people react nervously, some do not have an answer at all, especially towards the question what exactly would make them happy or what they would wish for right now. Others just smile at me with glowing eyes and tell me about all the many things they are grateful for. It seems not easy for everyone to formulate happiness and really recognize moments of bliss. I think the reason for that might be that we often tend to look for the one galactic answer or the all-fulfilling state. In my world, I came to realize that true happiness lies in the little things and in experiencing happy moments consciously. I further think luck can be cultivated. The more you focus on luck, the more you will have. At least that’s something, I was more and more surprised with in my life.

Are you up for a luck experiment?

Great. Then ask yourself the following questions on a daily basis for 30 days and write down the answers. I promise you it will be revealing to see what the results are.

  1. Who or what has made me smile today?
  2. Who or what was my teacher today (what taught me a lesson – be it good or bad)?
  3. What have I done today for my own happiness?
  4. What hindered me to do something good for myself today?
  5. What am I grateful for today?
  6. Where am I on my happiness scale?
  7. What can I do to increase my feeling of happiness?

Personally, I have included those questions in my mindfulness routines and always think about them before going to sleep. I think especially the question on the teacher of the day is very interesting. I feel a “teacher” can have different roles, character, figures and forms. The main thing is that it somehow teaches you a lesson, opens your eyes or even reminds you of something or draws your attention to something specific. Sometimes the annoying boss or colleague, the difficult course your project has taken, the delayed flight, the red flash lights, the failed relationship – is exactly what you need right now to start something new, to take a new direction and to grow from. Life gives us trials and challenges and repeats them as many times until we have learned from them and start approaching them differently. Children also often touch a hot stove first before they learn not to do it more. They cry terribly at this moment. But mostly shortly after it has already been forgotten and they just laugh as if nothing bad had happened. This is something that we have lost a bit as adults. Here children can act as teachers for us. My father raised me with the following quote:

“Luck is the result of activity and risk-taking.”

I find much truth inside of these words. Being happy is a very conscious decision that we can make every day and every minute. We can personally influence and cultivate our happiness. Just ask yourself when you were truly happy and lucky? Capture that memory and now ask yourself which steps you took before to get to this state (activity) or which fear you had to overcome to be rewarded with the feeling of happiness (risk). If you would like a little digital assistance, there might be an app for that! ;-) There are now many apps and tools that can support cultivating happiness. HAPPIFY for example, is a possibility where you can register online and can take courses for more wellbeing. Happier is an app, which is also available for the Apple Watch, that offers a gratitude and happiness diary in a digital form and will assist throughout the day to experience more happy feelings. Many other apps deal with the theme of happiness or mindfulness. I invite you to browse through the app stores. Oh and please tell us about your favorite application here…! Would love to hear your experiences on your journey.

<img class="size-medium wp-image-2596" src=" generic doxycycline×104.png?resize=300%2C104″ alt=”Happier App ” srcset=” 300w, 350w, 700w, 816w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Happier App

I think we might not have a teacher of life every day, but it is important to see him or it, when it appears, and to be grateful for it. For me, my friends are often teachers. A good friend of mine for example is known as a very positive person in my environment. She always shines and is often called lucky child, although she surely also has had moments of misfortune or sadness in life – like any other human being. Sometimes we all go through a bad day or heavier moments in life. The question is our perspective on it. My friend’s art is that she has mastered the art of living in the moment and to really register the little things that she enjoys. This may even be the coffee or tea in the morning. For this moment she is then eternally grateful and happy.

It is a nice little training to focus on your happy moments and share it with others. You can even share it right now and share your own DIGNIFIED MOMENT with us on our website. Just ask yourself every now and then what makes you happy right now and which ingredient could even intensify this positive feeling and why.

Do you have further tipps to cultivate luck? Please share them with us – because luck multiplies best, when it is shared. Just leave a comment below or write about a DIGNIFIED MOMENT in your life.

Looking forward to hearing and reading from you. Spreading some luck your way…l Bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-02.13.22-300x300