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Gast-Autor/Guest Author 14. October 2015

I feel like a “DIGNIFIED SELF” because I’ve realized that our digital and mobile world simplify our lives in many ways. But just as much we need the distance to it on a daily basis. I’ve learned to recharge my OWN battery for at least one hour per day as well as with my smartphone.

I work in the digital world and it is a “must” for me to integrate digital solutions into my daily life but I also take the liberty to turn my phone off entirely sometimes. I press the shut down button very consciously to really enjoy this moment in the present and now. During those off-time moments I listen to conversations of my friends at dinner or tune in with myself at Yoga & Pilates. This is my time! Because in this phase I fill up on my strength and energy reserves.

Foto: Steffi Werner

Foto: Steffi Werner

At the start of the digitization and mobile wave I was fully involved, for me  a fantastic new world suddenly opened up before me. But soon I came to realize that it also stole my strength and and especially important present moments. At some point I could no longer hear myself and also had difficulty in listening to my friends. I lived in a virtual world of Facebook, Google and Instagram. In my phone are eight years of my life, the iCloud protects my memory of the last 15 years – my eyes had become accustomed to seeing everything only through the lens of my mobile phone. And then the day came when I could not see anything anymore. And here I changed my pace of life.

Foto: Steffi Werner

Foto: Steffi Werner

I began to perceive the world through tactile and my senses again. I was glad when the sun shone on my head, I laughed when the grass tickled my legs and I cried when I heard the sounds and voices of the market on the street. I began to be mindful.

Today I put away my phone if I want to be in the present moment and experience real memories. I am more active in talks with people now and live my time in the real world as well as in the digital world. I started to write down my own thoughts and experiences – indeed in my phone. I speak daily audio files on me and for myself and I have been working actively and flexibly with the constantly changing digital, wireless world.

I love it and it is an important part in my life – both professionally and personally. But I’m being mindful now. I enjoy seeking challenges and networking that come to me easily but the personal contact and the scent of life do not happen digitally. Thus, I have found my own balance and feel DIGNIFIED. I am pleased that there is now a platform that emphasizes precisely this challenge of harmony. Here I feel I do not have to decide between one way or the other, I can be both and balance it. It is great to now have a platform where a mindful way of life is being combined with being a tough business woman with always increasing online & mobile connection on one hand and being the freely dancing girl in the cornfields, that loves ballet, theatre and art on the other.  As a marketer of web stars and artists I live in and from the digital world, but also I have a responsibility towards my artists and visionaries to always remember them of the importance of the real world too. Especially to hear your own thoughts again, to reflect and to establish new ideas and concepts. Only by picking up the environment of both worlds, new and successful products and formats are born.

I would be happy to come in contact with many people who have also discovered this connection for themselves, need or have tips and tricks and share them. This is the one greatest benefits of digitization – we can network and help each other.

I am DIGNIFIED – who else?

This article has been written by out guest author: 

Foto: Steffi Werner

Foto: Steffi Werner

Steffi Werner

Cologne-Girl, Media & Entertainment professional, creative consultant for brand development and brand positioning with a knack for new talents in fashion, music & entertainment. Successful newcomer in the TV format and moving-image development, TV-format-winning “Best Talk Show on regional television in 2013” with “Brandt Charmant”, jury member at several Music Castingshows for newcomers and a guest lecturer at the University of Media (Hochschule der Medien). Since 2015 self-employed with MARKENGLANZ and early supporter of THE DIGNIFIED SELF.

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