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Podcast with Daniel: Always-on doesn’t mean reacting instantly

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Podcast with Daniel: Always-on doesn’t mean reacting instantly

I am happy to introduce to you THE DIGNIFIED SELF – the podcast series. Here we regularly interview inspirational individuals, either coming out of the mindfulness or technology scene, or somewhere in between. Our updates are published currently in our soundcloud profile and will soon be distributed to further platforms.

Listen to a first introduction of the podcast series of THE DIGNIFIED SELF here.


This time I am speaking with the inspirational technology expert Daniel Doherty from London. Daniel has been working in the digital industry for many years and he helps brands protect their online reputation, especially in social media. Also he consults in maximizing business objectives. But there is much more to Daniel that you will learn about in this interview. Daniel shares some tools and ways to perfectly balance online and offline in daily life, she talks about Burning Man and also passionately about his own initiative and platform, called Putney Social. Here he brings people together to combine online and offline events and connection. See notes below for content and timing information in this interview. Listen to announcement of Daniel.

Please note: This podcast has 2 parts. 1st part now..2nd part will follow soon. Don’t miss! 

Until then…stay tuned, enjoy and stay DIGNIFIED! 

Interview with Daniel Doherty (part 1)

“Just because I’m always on, does not mean I have to respond right away!”

Notes on content & timing in this podcast-interview:

00-02:10 Introduction Daniel Doherty
02:10-05:15  Daniel On Burning Man and what Daniel has learned from it
05:16-08:00 Lilian on the vision behind THE DIGNIFIED SELF (also see our mission statement)
08:00 Daniel’s view and take on THE DIGNIFIED SELF vision & speaking about how Social Media is used today and on the process of decission making
09:30 Daniel speaking about what “Always-On” means to him and on reaction times to digital media and on technology 10:45 Daniel on software tool to manage social networks and work. This is the social media management tool Hootsuite, Daniel recommends in this interview. An other solution is for example Buffer.
12:00 On social media strategy, platforms and networks “Just because its shiny and new does not mean its right for you.
16:00 Daniel shares a couple of mindfulness practices he has included in his life. He speaks of journalling and writing. Also he passionately talks about bringing people together and on combing online and offline events with his initiative Putney Social 

“I’m passionate about learning about people, getting to know their interests and connecting them.” 

30:00 Daniel continues on ways to balance his daily work day life. He recommends walks in the park with the team as well as with clients. Daniel likes reading a newspaper (analogue), letting the sunshine hit him, travel and meet friends to remind himself that there is a real life out there
33:20 Daniel tells us about a philosophy cause he attended and his mindfulness experience

35:50 Summary of Daniel’s top balancing methods:

1) Let technology work for you
2) Go outside
3) Combine analogue and digital
4) interaction with people and sharing knowledge
5) travel

38:15 Daniel on finding your inner voice: He recommends listening to the song and lyrics by Baz Luhrmann. Here is the song mentioned by Daniel in our chat: “Enjoy the power and beauty of your YOU!”