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Podcast with Daniel (part 2): Off-time game with friends

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Podcast with Daniel (part 2): Off-time game with friends

After already sharing the first part of the audio interview with technology expert Daniel Doherty with you last week (Listen to Part 1 here and check blog post), I’m happy to present to you the second part of the interview.

This time Daniel comes up with a little game for you to play with your friends to make off-time moments a bit more fun! :-) Ready to check it out!? Alright..we are back on with Daniel. Listen here: DIGNIFIED DANIEL – Podcast Part 2

“Great food, great friends and time is how to be a happier person.” (Daniel Doherty)

Try this game presented by Daniel and let us know how it worked out for you and your friends at Also we invite you to write your own first DIGNIFIED moment on it. Until then…stay tuned, enjoy and stay DIGNIFIED!

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