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10 Things Yoga taught me & 5 Mindfulness-Stars

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10 Things Yoga taught me & 5 Mindfulness-Stars

For a while now, I have developed a passion for yoga. The term “Yoga” comes from the Indian language and means “unity”. Yoga is one of my favorite mindfulness practices. In my opinion there are 7 levels of mindfulness (see more in the book “Mindfulness in digital times”preorder here). Yoga falls under the “movement level of mindfulness” why not try these out.

I think Yoga is not a performance sport. We can learn a lot through Yoga.
Yoga is harmony, a discipline and a philosophy of being. 

Here are my top 10 I’ve learned through Yoga:

  1. Breathe in, breathe out. The rest happens by itself.
  2. Think and judge less, feel more.
  3. Listen to your body, it tells you exactly what he needs.
  4. Discipline, devotion, dignity and presence.
  5. Step on “the mat” and you know how you’re really feeling – now in this moment.
  6. There is not just one, single way of doing an asana. Every person is different.
  7. Stay with you and “on your mat”. Only there you will find your answer.
  8. Look at things day by day. Yesterday is yesterday, today is today. Stay in the now.
  9. Everything is in flow. Everything is in motion. Everything changes. And that’s good.
  10. Let go. Then the impossible becomes possible

5 Mindfulness-Stars for Kubatzki Hotel

Das Kubatzki Hotel in St.Peter Ording

The Kubatzki Hotel in St.Peter Ording

For all Yoga lovers who are looking for a great Yoga and wellness offer in Germany, I highly recommend the Kubatzki Yoga Hotel. There are Vinyasa Yoga courses offered by very experienced and friendly teachers. Rarely have I learned so many new things about Yoga on a weekend. A lot of helpful tips and expert guidance will help you with more flexibility for your asanas. The Yoga classes took place every morning and evening and combine a great mixture of physical exercise and relaxation.

On Friday Lisa Mirbach “danced” us into the weekend with a wonderful Yoga flow, starting with her favorite asana, the “lightning”. On Saturday evening Elisa Ferraro motivated us with her charming Swiss accent to practice back straps and planks. The practice was always rounded off with a deep relaxation phase, the so-called “Savasana“, with lovely music as for instance by Olafur Arnalds. 

Also the food was a treat at Kubatzki. Healthy and tasty. Or as the Kubatzki itself says: “Ayurveda meets international man’s costumes”. The cozy elegant accommodation, walks along the sea and the fresh wind of the North Sea round off the experience. Overall highly recommendable!

If one could give hotels “mindfulness stars”, the hotel Kubatzki would get my full points.

Really great. Here one really arrives “in the now and in oneself”. My friend, Chérine de Bruijn, also an independent entrepreneur and founder of Corporate Kitchen, and I felt very comfortable. The weekend at the North Sea gave us a lot of strength. We would like to thank you with a “warrior with LOVE” – picture from the nicely decorated Yoga rooms at Kubatzki – #madeWithLove! <3

Yoga im Kubatzki in St. Peter Ording. Foto: Lilian Güntsche & Chérine De Bruijn

Yoga at “Kubatzki Hotel”, St. Peter Ording.

Foto: “Two warriors with heart” – Lilian Güntsche & Chérine De Bruijn, entrepreneurs recharging new energy at the North Sea.

Finally, here are two great Yoga apps for you:

  • Down Dog – Mobile App
    Yoga almost as in the studio with teachers – only at home and everywhere. Great app with ever-changing yoga flows in the desired time. If you enjoy some soothing music during your practice, it is also worth the paid version of the app. (Android / iOS)
  • Clickflows – Web or Mobile App
    Quickly and effortlessly drag and drop Yoga units and your own hour concept with individual asanas. Enjoy! (Web / iOS App)




–> Want to learn more about Mindfulness?
The book “Achtsamkeit in digitalen Zeiten” by Lilian Güntsche (in engl.: “Mindfulness in the digital age”) will be published in November 2016 in Germany. Pre-order now! 

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