Mindfulness – why it matters & how to do it daily [podcast interview]

Lilian Güntsche 8. November 2016

I really enjoyed doing this interview with Ina O’ Murchu and ONLIM a few weeks ago.

In this podcast, I explain a bit about the vision and services of THE DIGNIFIED SELF, my upcoming book, which is a guidance for more peace in the acceleration, and why we think mindfulness is a must-have today.

Also I explain why “single-tasking” is the new “multi-tasking” and give a few tips on how to practice mindfulness in daily life – privately as well as in business as a “mindful manager”.


Here are the 5 mindfulness tips as mentioned in the interview*: 

  1. Observing your senses (“with all five senses”)
  2. Listen deeply (“the new communication is listening”)
  3. Reflecting and learning (“we are all a work-in-progress, none of us was born Jedi!”)
  4. Breathe and enjoy the silence (“three conscious breaths can make a huge difference”)
  5. Practicing gratitude and positive thinking (“what am I grateful today?” – evening routine)

*Further mindfulness tipps and life hacks in the book – preorder on Amazon here

Thanks at @Onlim for having me!

Listen to the full podcast by ONLIM with further speakers and interviews on artificial intelligence and bots here.


About ONLIM – as stated on the website:

Onlim.com“Create content, publish content, analyze feedback! Manage all your social media channels and freely selectable content sources from one single platform. Use suggested posts to generate more relevant content for your audience and increase your awareness and the viral effect of your social media campaigns. With our solution you save time and get better results. This is efficient social media marketing!”



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