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We are (a)live!

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We are (a)live!

Dear friends,

as CEO & Founder of THE DIGNIFIED SELF, I would like to dedicate this moment to compassion, dignity, gratitude and the pursuit of happiness. As some of you know, I have been working on my passion project #TheDignifiedSelf, of which I am proud and glad to finally say: WE ARE LIVE! The website is now officially launched and available here at

A few words of gratitude and on building THE DIGNIFIED SELF

Rather want to listen..? Hear my spoken text as audio file on Soundcloud here. 

The Dignified Self follows the mission to establish more mindfulness in the technology age.

We put the human first and not just the technology at hand and provide a platform to hopefully deliver value, inspiration and guidance in times of digital transformation. A time which has created new challenges – but also chances – for individuals as well as for companies. As someone who has been preaching “Always-on“ for over a decade, I feel it is my responsibility and calling now to look at what we see and have created: a head-down generation – and to cause more consciousness and awareness of where it is going and more focus on the human connection. Technology is here to improve our lives, not to control us. 

Despite of working in the tech industry and being a digital junkie and geek myself, I honestly believe that it is time to reconnect and to find and share ways to recharge ourselves again as individuals – and not just our smartphones. THE DIGNIFIED SELF supports solutions to create an optimal balance between online and offline experiences, ambition and meaning, humans and technology. How? By sharing thoughts and experiences, introducing inspiring individuals and knowledge-workers in interviews and podcasts, by bringing people and companies together, giving the movement a name and platform to exchange and by supporting solutions to best encounter the age of digital transformation from a human perspective. As a founder, it is also my way of trying to make a difference and to say thank you to every moment and for every support and share. 

I would be extremely blessed and grateful if you could take a moment of your precious time to check out our website and let us know what you think, as we are still in the building stage and grateful for any feedback (please email to:"> Also it would be great if you share this message and spread our mission to establish more mindfulness in the technology age, if you feel its needed.


Bringing THE DIGNIFIED SELF to life (from first ideas to GoLive) was a huge personal journey for me and one of my hardest challenges. It included tears, smiles, wins, losses, heartbreaks, joyrides, technical breakdowns, various Yoga and meditation retreats, coachings, travels and lots of personal development and I am very happy to see that its now finally all coming together! I think life always gives us exactly what we need in order to grow. So I am thankful for every part of it. And I am extremely grateful for the amazing network of friends and colleagues I am blessed to have. Thank you so much for supporting me from day one in making this idea actually become reality.

I would especially like to thank Heike Scholz, who I am proud to call my partner of THE DIGNIFIED SELF (check out the team). She has kicked my butt with compassion and patience to actually make this page go live throughout the last months, and has been a major asset in any way. @Heike – Thank you so much. I feel truely gifted to have you on board! 

Also I’d like to thank the many supporters of THE DIGNIFIED SELF, that have been amazing – already in this early stage. You know who you are and some of you are even listed already on the website or will surely be invited for a DIGNIFIED moment together in the near future. :)

We are what we love. And I love you for being such an amazing support of my dream to add meaning and make a difference. I have tagged a couple of lovely people on Facebook that have somehow supported me along the line to make this happen, inspired me and made me believe in myself. Also in believing in the idea and mission behind THE DIGNIFIED SELF, that it is actually relevant right now, and in truly realizing it.

Whats next!?

Whats next!? THE DIGNIFIED SELF is softly launching now and will be more and more developed with time (also with your feedback of course). There are so many ideas and plans in place and way too little hours per day! So please PM me if this resonates with you and you want to get involved somehow. Oh, and of course, also if you have found a solution to make time travelling and cloning possible somehow. Always interested in helping there.. :)

Next week, I am honored to introduce the mission of THE DIGNIFIED SELF for the first time live to a great audience in Spain at the IoT Shifts conference, initiated by Rudy De Waele. Thank you Rudy for this amazing opportunity! Also I am speaking at the MEDICA fair next month and I can’t wait to get even more people DIGNIFIED (more appointments)!

Hopefully this initiative and movement around THE DIGNIFIED SELF is somehow adding value to you and the human connections in times of digital transformation.

Please share if you care and follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, SoundcloudPinterest. You can also register to our newsletter for regular updates. If you like, you can even share your own very first DIGNIFIED moment on the page.

And now…please check out our website at and feel free to send your feedback anytime. Thank you!

Until then..stay tuned, enjoy and stay DIGNIFIED!

Lilian <3 

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