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  • 09.-11.09.2015 solutions Hamburg – Kongress für Digitalisierung, Business und IT, Hamburg (Tickets)
  • 11.09.2015 Charity event by Michael Stich at ParkInn Radisson Hotel, Berlin
  • 29.-30.09.2015 Mobile in Retail Conference 2015, Berlin (Tickets)


  • IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat, Spain by Shift2020 (Tickets)
  • 19.-20.10.2015 IoT Shifts Conference, Spain  (Tickets)
    Workshop & Intro THE DIGNIFIED SELF by Lilian Güntsche – Speaker
    20.10.2015 4pm, Workshop Room 1: Workshop facilitated by THE DIGNIFIED SELF – Become Walt Disney for 45 minutes and turn the fantasy of a perfect modern work environment in the digital transformation age into reality. Walt Disney wasn’t just the one who created Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, he was also a creative mind with entrepreneur spirit and a strong get-it-done mentality, which was extensively skilled in turning fantasies into reality. Whenever a project idea needed solving, he would apply a powerful creative strategy instrument, which is known today as “The Disney method“. In this workshop we will all become little change agents by applying the Disney method to the challenges of modern work spaces in digital times, where old economies and standards meet new opportunities and need. Combine innovate creativity with business strategy and learn about the three different roles and mind-sets life often encounters us with: The dreamer, the critic and the realist. Are you ready to dream big AND real? 



  • 10.12.2015 hub conference – plug into the digital future, Berlin (Tickets)