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My life was updated with a major feature: A part-time dog. Every now and then, sometimes even once a week, I have a part-time dog. In my case it is the dog of a friend whom I get sometimes to take care of. This was for me personally, and also … Read More
I love my morning routine; mostly I meditate and enjoy a coffee or freshly pressed juice at home before I start my day. In the past, I was not such a cozy connoisseur in the morning, but instead I would prefer to sleep a half an hour longer. Since I … Read More
Since graduation, I have been working in a large organization. Most of the employees in this organization have a regular working day in which they are pressing down on the keypad, and using their mouse and telephone 8 hours a day.  Tables are … Read More
I believe in the idea that things we personally feel are easy to do also have a deeper reason behind it why they are so easy for us. They are your talents and most likely even your passion. And maybe they are even more than that. You have your … Read More