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Podcast with Kara: “We don’t have just one left mouse click.”

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Podcast with Kara: “We don’t have just one left mouse click.”

After already speaking with the amazing tech expert Daniel Doherty (blog post) and mindful Yoga teacher Andreas Gläßer (blog post in German), we have the next podcast interview with an other inspirational personality coming up for you!

This time we are speaking with Kara Johnstad, a very successful singer-songwriter and visionary, who is transforming lives through the power of voice. We had a conversation about conversation and communication. We also talked about living of our full potential, the “AND” (instead of the “BUT”) in every equation, the importance of mindfulness, and last but not least – the power of language, music and the voice. Here you can listen to the announcement of the interview with Kara.
Please find the full Podcast interview with Kara and also a little surprise music video that was spontaneously created before our interview below…Enjoy!

Some of our favorite quotes by Kara from the interview:

“When we are dealing with communication we need so much compassion.”

“Communication is a lot about deeper listening.”

“The same click might lead to many different outcomes. We do not have just one left mouse click.”

“We are putting everything on the cloud but we also need to be walking with our feet on solid ground.”

“Try to avoid the word “but” and instead try to use the word “and”. BUT is always deviding, AND is always integrating. As soon as we bring AND into the equation, there is something that brings us together. That’s communication.”

“The brain has more music in it than language. You have your rhythm, every organ has a certain tone and frequency.”

And here is our favorite one: 

“The voice is a place between the memories of the past and the projections & the desires of the future. Its a place between the inner and outer world, and the desires between the heart and the mind. That is what makes the voice so powerful.”

Here you can listen to the podcast interview with Kara Johnstad: 

Some notes on the content of this audio interview: 

0:50 min Conversation about conversation and communication 4:10 min Kara about language (“clicks / cliques”; “on air”; “on a cloud”) and communication.
7:25 min Speaking about the “Zebra effect” and on how to include the “AND” into the equation.
7:50 min Kara telling a little joke and speaks about newspapers printed in black and white for a reason. It is the contrast of somethingness and nothingness.
9:54 min speaking about the realization that we do not need to separate things.
10:40 min Kara about the power of music. 11:56 min About spirituality and business
12:40 min on integration of yoga and meditation in work places
13:45 min mindfulness in hospitals
14:15 online versus offline. There is NO versus. Its an AND.
15:55 Kara on the power of the voice and how it integrates.

Spontaneous The Dignified Self Jingle Improv by Kara & Lilian 

Before we started the interview together, we spontaneously improvized a bit together around The Dignified Self Jingle. You can watch it here on YouTube. Got a bit carried away there.. ;) Hope you enjoy it! Until then…stay DIGNIFIED!

Kara Johnstad is Founder of  VOICE YOUR ESSENCE and Co-Founder of  YOGA VOICE Berlin. She partners with The Dignified Self  in the areas of mindfulness practices, vocal trainings, presentation and communication. More on Kara here.