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Love just is [poem]

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Love just is [poem]

Mindfulness also means to be creative and follow your instincts. Sometimes poetic words are also produced in this state beyond thought. Here for example, I wrote a poem about love which I would like to share with you. It was first published on the blog Elephant Journal.

Love has roots, love has wings.

Love is beyond logic, reason and things.
Love is silent, love is loud,
Love believes, love knows no doubt.

Love is shared laughter, love is shared tears,
Love is facing our deepest fears,
Love is romance, love is light,
Love supports and love will guide.

Love is freedom, love is trust,
Love is willing, love knows no “must”.
Love is together, love lives on alone,
Love does not require, love feels just like home.

Love is feeling, love is free.
Love is flowing like the sea,
Love is being, love is bliss.
Love is giving, love just is.

Continue reading the full poem here at Elephant Journal. 

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