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Authenticity is sexy! [12 impulses]

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Authenticity is sexy! [12 impulses]

How many people or companies do you know that you would classify as really “genuine” and “100% believable”? How easy it has become, in times of social media to wear a mask. Apologies, I mean to create “a new profile”, and be someone else. But with all those different truths, how to not to lose oneself and still really keep track of who you are and what is important to yourself – without influences and opinions of third parties?

I think authenticity has become rare in our fast-paced, over-networked world. “Being real” is in trend with the artificial intelligence rising. The evolution management describes authenticity as follows: “You know when you have arrived at your center (” I am “), your authentic self. You accept unconditionally how and who you are.” But before the “I am” there is still the “I pretend to be” and to struggle to overwhelm the “I fear” (Evolution Management). How many people did really get there? What about yourself?

As Oscar Wilde used to say:
“Be yourself, all the others already exist!”

I think authenticity is valuable and leads to success. It gives support and creates confidence. Authenticity is the truly influential currency of our time. Authenticity is sexy! 

In marketing one would probably say that authenticity is

Foto: Lilian Güntsche
Photo: Lilian Güntsche

the unique selling proposition (USP), your competitive advantage.

How does this look for yourself? Are you truly honest to yourself and towards others? Maybe it is worth to have a think about this some time and to evaluate what really make you “YOU”. What makes your personality special? What makes you unique? What is your personal USP?

The way to your authentic self is a process. In my book “Mindfulness in digital times” a whole chapter is devoted to the topic of developing your “authentic self”. The book is available here on Amazon. Sorry German only for now, English to follow soon I hope..!

Until then here are 12 impulses for your “authentic self”:

1. You can move 10 times and still you are searching something. Arriving mainly means arriving in oneself. -> Think about if you would live “in yourself”? Is it enjoyable there?

2. You can try to please everyone and try to make it right for everybody. But in the end it was  still not enough. Righteousness is above all to know and value yourself deeply. 
-> How often do you do something for yourself? You should devote at least 30 minutes each day to yourself (Elena-Katharina Sohn, “Goodbye heartache”). Just start today!

3. You can talk with everyone and be everywhere, but in the end the most important thing is left unsaid and the decisive thing unseen. Consciousness means to focus on what really matters. -> What really brings you joy? What makes you smile? When did you laugh the last time? Who and what is important to you?

4. You can own the house, the penthouse apartment, the boat, the dog, the suit and the handbag. And yet there is always something missing. True value comes from within, not from the outside. -> Only if the house is built solidly, one can decorate the windows, chose the coloring and design the walls. Fix the basics, then put the whipped cream and the cherries on top of it. Not the other way around.

5. You can have 2000 friends on Facebook and 20,000 followers of Twitter, but in the end you are still alone. Quantity is not quality. Focus on the important people who appreciate you for whom you really are: your true self. -> Ask your close friends how they would describe you. It is exciting what you can learn about yourself with this little practice.

6. You can read, study and know everything. But to know stuff does not mean to have wisdom. Feel and experience, that is the true study of life. -> What have you always wanted to do? Do something new regularly.

7. You can do anything and nothing and strive for many things. But your personal values should always be your engine. To live in dignity means to lead a life according to one’s own values. -> What are your values?

8. You can hide and adjust, but in the end there is an emptiness and desire for fulfillment. Above all, listen to one person: yourself. -> Practice mindfulness. Meditate, find moments of silence and spend some time with yourself alone from time to time. How does that feel? How is it to have a date with yourself? Do you believe the person who is sitting in front of you?

9. You can make plans for the future and smile about memories from the past. [the_ad id=”2998″]But you should live in the present. It delivers a feeling of grounding and strengthens your intuition for your way of life and decisions. -> Learn more about the topic of mindfulness – the force of the presence (order the book “mindfulness in digital times” in German now)

10. You can consume, read and discuss everything. But in the end you only hear the voices of others and risk to not hear yourself anymore. Follow your inner voice. -> In which moments are you in harmony with yourself and can hear the voice of your heart?

Quelle: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

11. You can be hip, innovative, educated, sporty, funny and creative. But there is only one individual recipe for you, there is no standard formula. Be genuine. Be yourself. -> Who are you? Describe yourself as if you were telling a stranger about yourself.

12. You can make mistakes, suffer pain and feel disappointed. But do not indulge in self-criticism, fear, grief, rage, and melancholy. Get up and learn from your experiences. Do not be so hard on yourself, advance with attitude and inner strength.  -> Be DIGNIFIED, my friend! :-) Accept your weaknesses. No genius is flawless. He just does not make the same mistakes twice.

Authenticity is credibility, reliability, individualism, dignity, integrity and truth. Whether for people or brands. Authenticity is a valuable currency of our time. 

So be honest and genuine with yourself, accept yourself and show who you really are! If you show yourself authentically, your environment will open up to you. So take off the mask and “get naked” ;) “You are beautiful”, as Christina Aguilera sings. Be yourself. Authenticity is sexy!