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Once you start. There is no turning back.

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Once you start. There is no turning back.

Have you ever heard someone speak about Chakras and maybe even thought this wasn’t at all relevant for you?

I ask you to reevaluate this again after watching this amazing little animation video for children, that perfectly explains the power in this matter of choice.  But be aware…”Opening the Chakras is an intense experience. Once you begin this process, you can not stop until all 7 are open.”  Are you ready to face the unknown and do “whatever it takes” to let your energy flow?! 

Then watch for yourself how to open your 7 Chakras – as explained in a children’s show. 

In this video the following is explained to the Avatar by the Guru:

The first Chakra is the Earth Chakra: It deals with survival and is blocked by fear.
What are you most afraid of ? Let those fears surrender!

The second Chakra is the Water Chakra: It deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt.
What do you blame yourself for? Forgive yourself.

The third is the Fire Chakra: It deals with Will power and is blocked by shame.
What are you ashamed of? Find balance by accepting it.

The forth Chakra is the Heart Chakra. It deals with love and is blocked by grief.
Lay all your grief in front of you and let the pain flow away.

The fifth is the Sound Chakra. It deals with truth and is blocked by lies.
You can not lie about your nature. Accept who you are.

The sixth Chakra is the Light Chakra. It deals with Insight and is blocked by illusion.
Greatest illusion is separation, we are all connected. Open you mind.

The last one is the Thought Chakra. It deals with cosmic energy and is blocked by earth attachment.
Let all your attachments go, surrender yourself and learn to let go.

The opening of the chakras can also be supported by wearing certain colors and symbols. In Yoga there are many postures (asanas) that are dedicated to unblocking the energy centers. Also here a lot is built around the 7 Chakras.

On the Internet there are several tests for a first chakra-check and locating blockages or weaknesses within the energy sources. Even Ayurvedic massages can help to feel fully opened and the energy flowing through your body.

Wurzel-Chakra ArmbandI for example, personally, always wear a bracelet with the Earth-Chakra around my wrist by the designer Daisy London. I have bought the bracelet with friends in Thailand and it reminds me every day to remember who I am and gives me strength to stand centered and and rooted with both feet on the ground in life – no matter what comes. This is the I AM Chakra and, besides, it has the color red which I personally like.

So if spiritual – why not with style! :-)

I believe we all have a tendency to one or an other Chakra and different blockades or weaknesses in others and it is interesting, of course, also to find out where we are the strongest, so mostly in the flow with ourselves. You can find out about your strongest Chakra, online, here for example is a test which I have recently completed.

Enjoy! And a warm welcome to the world of energy. May the force be with you!