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Connected, but alone?

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Connected, but alone?

Der TED Talk “Connected, but alone?” by Sherry Turkle, Author of Alone Together, is in my view an absolute “must-see “. Sherry Turkle discusses the advantages and disadvantages of technology and about the “Plugged-In-Life ” we lead today and what it does to our relationships. We are together, while we’re not together. We are “Connected, but alone .” How can technology help us to live a life that we love? Watch for yourself: 

Also her new book Reclaiming conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age just appeared, as recently reported here. Can’t wait for my next offtime to read this piece!

Here is a nice quote from Sherry’s talk for you:

Sherry Turkle's amazing TED Talk "Connected, but alone?"
Sherry Turkle’s amazing TED Talk “Connected, but alone?”

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