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Thank you for registering for our newsletter and for supporting our mission to establish more mindfulness and agility in the technology age.

As CEO & founder of THE DIGNIFIED SELF, I would like to personally thank you with a little gift to welcome you. I’m reading a poem to you that inspires me. It is a poem by the great comic actor, filmmaker and composer Charlie Chaplin about self love and self worth, he wrote on his 70th birthday. I’ve already read this poem many times in my life and each time I do, I discover something new in it.

Also it somehow always comes to me in exactly the right moment. I hope this poem will add value to your life as well.

Until then..stay tuned, enjoy and stay DIGNIFIED!

Poem “As I began to love myself“ by Charlie Chaplin – spoken by Lilian Güntsche


For all who would rather like to read by themselves, we prepared a pdf for download: Charlie Chaplin: As I began to love myself

Kind wishes,
Lilian Güntsche & THE DIGNIFIED SELF® Team

Picture: Shutterstock