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Master the NOW with mindfulness & agility

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Welcome to the age of distraction

With all the notifications and messages on multiple channels many people find it hard to stay focussed. Is being digital and always-on – while still being focussed and careful with yourself- even  still possible? Yes! It is. And we are happy to help you to see how.

It is a time of trends and anti trends.

Constant change paired with an information overkill, we are experiencing today, needs stability and focus on the contrary. A healthy balance between virtual and real life and a conscious, mindful use of technology is needed.

With more than 15+ years of experience in digital consultancy for leading companies, we advise two key capabilities to master the digital transformation: Mindfulness and agility.

In our MINDFUL AGILITY training program and talks you will learn how to to strengthen your mindset through mindfulness and agility in times of constant change. This will ignite and show you ways of how to apply these key features in your daily life in order to support you to 

  • gain more professional success
  • higher productivity
  • a better ability to stay and work more focussed 
  • more team spirit 
  • higher personal satisfaction and 
  • more inner stability especially in stressful situations 


Resilience and adaptability are two key competencies that can be powered by mindfulness and agility - Exactly those skills are needed in our current challenging times of change.


Mindful Agility Training Modules


The mindful angle of the training includes the following four modules with various subtopics that will be covered.


Extract from the course: 

Learn about the qualities of mindfulness. We will cover the different values of mindfulness and discuss what a “mindful mindset” is and how this can be of value to you in daily work life. Mindful listening and meditation exercises will be introduced and the concept of mindfulness based self compassion. This will help you to become a more empathic leader and potentially increase the relationship among your team. 

Mindfulness is way more than just Yoga and Meditation. So the training will introduce the “7 layers of mindfulness” as discussed in the book “Mindfulness in digital times” (in German: Achtsamkeit in digitalen Zeiten) by Lilian Güntsche. We will analyze which layers of mindfulness are best suitable for you and how you can apply them.

Potentially also mindfulness apps might help you on your journey. Thus we will have a look at current mindful technology in the market and also discuss how to use technology and digital media mindfully.

Last but not least, you will receive a list of tips and tricks to apply mindfulness at work in order to increase your efficiency and productivity – and become happier!





The “agility” angle of the training includes the four modules below with various subtopics that will be covered.


Extract from the course: 

Learn about the agile manifesto and the agile values. What does is mean to say: “Adapting to change over following a plan ” and how can this be applied to your projects? What is Scrum and which routines, artifacts, roles, and technical set-up does it involve? What is change management and which emotional stages might we encounter? Also we will look at requirements management and exercise to write suitable user stories, epics and product visions. 

Last but not least this course bridges to the mindfulness course and explains how both forces – agility and mindfulness –  in combination are success drivers for personal as well as business related challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Time-Invest: How long does the MINDFUL AGILITY Program take ?

Duration: 3 Days

  • Day 1: MINDFUL Training Module plus exercises for mindfulness
  • Day 2: AGILITY Training Module plus exercises for agile working
  • Day 3: Summary from Module 1 und 2 & Hacks for the future

Group size und participation? 

  • The Training can be attended in person as a workshop or virtually. A personal participation is recommended.
  • Number of participants should not be higher than 12 people. Optimal group size would be teams of 5-9 people.

Why should I book the MINDFUL AGILITY Training?

  • Time savings – kill two birds with one stone! Never before have the two trend themes of mindfulness and agility been so uniquely communicated in a combined form.
  • Cost Savings – Booked individually, workshops and training on mindfulness and agility would cost far more.
  • Team bonding – mindfulness practices as well as agile working methodologies help to create a common “language” which connects and helps efficiency.
  • Many practical tips & hacks – Ideal introduction to the topics of agile working and mindfulness at work with tangible tips for every day.
  • Personalized – Each participant has his personal recipe to integrate mindfulness in his everyday life after training.
  • With fun and serenity to success – with the MINDFUL AGILITY training you have the necessary ingredients to master the rapid changes of the digital transformation with success and still remain stress-resistant and focused.

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