Vision & Mission

In 140 signs: Workaholic meets Yogi. TheQuantifiedSelf meets TheDignifiedSelf. Find mindfulness in our Tech accelerated world. 


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THE DIGNIFIED SELF stands for mindfulness in the technology age. It understands itself as a movement for more humanity in a technology dominated world, for peace in the acceleration and for the personal touch in an externally and technology-driven environment. 



THE DIGNIFIED SELF adds to the Quantified Self an initiative for the human focussed perspective on technologies. It delivers an orientation in a time of digitally driven change of people, society and work.  

THE DIGNIFIED SELF provides a platform in times of change driven by the digital transformation that delivers impulses for thought impulses and information, as well as for tools and concept solutions for a more mindful, productive and satisfied life. 

THE DIGNIFIED SELF follows the goal to establish solutions and offer knowledge in times of fading boarders between real and digital life in order to create a more mindful and DIGNIFIED way of life that perfectly balances the composition of yourself and your technology.  

THE DIGNIFIED SELF combines people and interests in the areas of technology and mindfulness.  

THE DIGNIFIED SELF understands itself as a movement for inspiration and more mindfulness in the technology age – targeted to individuals, society and enterprises. Instead of  following a technology-first approach, what some might have expected from digital experts and technology consultants, THE DIGNIFIED SELF follows a human-first approach and places the human being as its DIGNIFIED SELF back on center stage. 

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