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  • 09.–11.09.2015 solu­ti­ons Hamburg – Kongress für Digitalisierung, Business und IT, Hamburg (Tickets)
  • 11.09.2015 Charity event von Michael Stich at ParkInn Radisson Hotel, Berlin
  • 29.–30.09.2015 Mobile in Retail Conference 2015, Berlin (Tickets)


  • IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat, Spain by Shift2020 (Tickets)
  • 19.–20.10.2015 IoT Shifts Conference, Spain  (Tickets)
    Workshop & Intro THE DIGNIFIED SELF by Lilian Güntsche – Speaker
    20.10.2015 4pm, Workshop Room 1: Workshop von THE DIGNIFIED SELF – Become Walt Disney for 45 minu­tes and turn the fan­ta­sy of a per­fect modern work envi­ron­ment in the digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on age into rea­li­ty. Walt Disney wasn’t just the one who crea­ted Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, he was also a crea­ti­ve mind with entre­pre­neur spi­rit and a strong get‐it‐done men­ta­li­ty, which was exten­si­ve­ly skil­led in tur­ning fan­ta­sies into rea­li­ty. Whenever a pro­ject idea nee­ded sol­ving, he would app­ly a power­ful crea­ti­ve stra­te­gy instru­ment, which is known today as “The Disney method“. In this work­shop we will all beco­me litt­le chan­ge agents by app­ly­ing the Disney method to the chal­len­ges of modern work spaces in digi­tal times, whe­re old eco­no­mies and stan­dards meet new oppor­tu­nities and need. Combine inno­va­te crea­ti­vi­ty with busi­ness stra­te­gy and learn about the three dif­fe­rent roles and mind‐sets life often encoun­ters us with: The drea­mer, the cri­tic and the rea­list. Are you rea­dy to dream big AND real? 



  • 10.12.2015 hub con­fe­rence – plug into the digi­tal future, Berlin (Tickets)