Authors’ Agreement

Why do we need this agreement?

We do not like tedious contracts and formal procedures either. However, you have to give us the right to be allowed to publish your texts, not only here on our website but in the future perhaps also as an eBook or a collected edition. Your copyright in your text is retained by you in its entirety, we will be granted the right of use described below (see 4.(a)). And of course you must give us an assurance that the texts and illustrations are also your own. This is set out in section 2. Then it is a question of the fact that we have the right not to publish or to edit contributions should there be reasons for this (section 3). Please read the agreement carefully. If anything is not clear please contact us at

1. Subject matter

THE DIGNIFIED SELF is an initiative that provides information on mindfulness in the technology-driven world on its websites. The authors contribute to this Internet blog with their own contributions, which they post themselves in the frontend in the editing system. The subject matter of this agreement is the contributions in the Internet blog created by or to be created by the authors. The contributions are first posted by the authors themselves and in this way submitted to the editors for release. Here we reserve the right to accept the texts submitted.

2. Rights and duties of the author

(a) By posting the manuscript and any other media online the author gives THE DIGNIFIED SELF an assurance that he/she has the sole and unrestricted right to make dispositions regarding the contribution and that he/she has not so far made any dispositions in conflict with this contract. In particular, the author shall indemnify THE DIGNIFIED SELF against any and all claims of any third party in full. (b) He/she also gives an assurance that the contribution had not yet been published elsewhere at the time of posting on the portal. (c) At the same time he/she gives an assurance that the contributions and any other media are free of the rights of third parties and the rights of third parties, in particular moral rights, have not been infringed. (d) In their internal relationship the author undertakes to indemnify THE DIGNIFIED SELF from any claims of third parties arising from infringement of third-party rights due to the form, content or design of the contributions submitted. (e) The author consents to a review and, where applicable, editing of the contribution in question by THE DIGNIFIED SELF with a view to a uniform design of the contributions and in the context of the text adaptations, taking the fundamental retention of the core message of the content into consideration.

3. Rights and duties ofTHE DIGNIFIED SELF

(a) THE DIGNIFIED SELF has the right to refuse individual contributions for legitimate reasons. Such legitimate reasons are, on the one hand, the possibility of a legal dispute arising from the statement in the contribution as well as the content and form of the contribution insofar as they do not conform to the policies of THE DIGNIFIED SELF. (b) Furthermore, THE DIGNIFIED SELF has the right to edit the contribution while respecting the author’s moral rights, in particular to make changes, deletions and additions.

4. Transfer of rights

(a) By providing the manuscript, the author transfers to THE DIGNIFIED SELF the non-exclusive right, unlimited in time or place, of reproduction and circulation for all media (also in other languages) as well as for all physical, electronic, and interactive editions such as a CD, DVD or eBook. (b) THE DIGNIFIED SELF has the right to transfer the rights of use granted to it to third parties at no charge. No remuneration is payable to the author for the rights granted and exploitation pursuant to Nos. 2., 3. and 4.; the contributions of the author are made on a voluntary basis without any remuneration claims of the author arising against THE DIGNIFIED SELF.

5. Naming of author, copyright notice

(a) THE DIGNIFIED SELF will name the author as such under each contribution in accordance with the details provided by him/her. (b) In the case of editing by a third party THE DIGNIFIED SELF will indicate this accordingly. The author hereby consents to the naming of such a person. (c) THE DIGNIFIED SELF is obliged to add the copyright notice within the meaning of the Universal Copyright Convention in the case of publication of the work.